What we learnt from the focus group

Last week we did a focus group with small group of business owners for the First Aid for Business company. A big mistake many people make is that they create a business to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. They spend all this money and time only to find out that no one wants to buy what they have to sell.

It’s much better to do the work at the beginning.

Alain, the entrepreneur leading this business left pretty discouraged but with a touch of hope. He sent me an email after saying how discouraging it was but at the same time enlightening. It’s clear that it’s not the idea you need to be obsessed about – it’s the customer.

The feedback we received was great. I think the biggest realization is that CPR training for employees will be our main service. Something we hadn’t anticipated.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Miyagi Launches Business Coaching

As part of Miyagi we are starting a business coaching arm. I’m starting it myself (Jean-Luc Boissonneault). Any business owner with 5 million a year in revenue or below is about right. Having been a successful health coach and having went the whole cycle from start to sale I’m using my skills to tackle a problem I’ve been just as passionate about – business. I’ve thought about this a lot and I can help business owners with 3 things:

1. Creating systems that bring the owner freedom.
2. Finding new customers.
3. Re-positioning a company to be back on track.

If you know anyone that would be a good fit. Please send them our way.

Down to the top 10


Today Chelsea Boissonneault and I are excited to meet the top 10 businesses we’ve chosen to move to the next round of the Miyagi incubator.

Today we all sat around a table listening to everyone tell their story. It was a amazing. And also moving. To see how everyone had their own unique story to tell. A story that can change someone. Emotion has the word motion in it for a reason – it moves people to action. When in doubt tell your story. Can’t sell a customer? Tell your story. Want to hire a great employee? Tell your story. Want to create a partnership with someone? Tell your story.