Companies in the Incubator

Here are the companies currently in the Miyagi incubator:

1. CB Event Management:

Entrepreneur: Chelsea Boissonneault

Under this umbrella we do 2 bodybuilding shows a year (we’ve done 15 at this point)
– We are looking to sell Dessertfest
– We have taken on a personal brand called The Keepers where they rescue animals and doe shows with them. We just rented the EY centre where they will be doing The Keepers Family Fun Day. Ottawa for Nov 25th.

2. First Aid for Business

Entrepreneur: Alain Blanchard

The owner Alain Blanchard is a paramedic who’s unsatisfied with how unprepared businesses are when it comes to workplace accidents. He’s a caring guy who wants to make a difference by preventing workplace accidents. The company offers CPR training, defibrillators and tailored first aid kits.

(in the innovation phase)

3. Miyagi’s business coaching

Entrepreneur: Jean Luc Boissonneault

This is more of a line extension to the Miyagi incubator.


Entrepreneur: Norman Mcevoy

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It’s a start.

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