What’s going on at MIYAGI

It’s been a great summer so far. We’ve been focused on helping the current businesses we have in the incubator strive towards success before adding more companies in.

We’re happy with Things to do events as it’s gaining traction and starting to create great referrals from promoters using the service. Rebecca, Norm and Emily have been strategizing and coming up with clever ways to delight their subscribers. You can check out their Instagram account here.

We’ve also brought on board Max Paquette who has started Augmenta and is focused on social media management and lead generation for small businesses. Max has the passion and determination to succeed and we look forward to seeing Augmenta grow.

The Peace Room is set to open on sparks street November 1st. It will be a meditation studio concept that helps make meditation easy by providing people with a mini vacation for their mind. Catherine is always peaceful and wonderful to work with and we are excited to see this business come together.

We’ve recently turned our attention to an event planing company and we are in the process of looking for the right leader to lead it.

We’ve had many people approach us with different business ideas but nothing has really caught our attention.

Sunday will be our monthly meeting and we look forward to connecting, learning and having a great time.