Current Opportunities

Here are the 2018 business opportunities:

Some of these businesses have already been started. In that case we’re looking for partners to jump on board and help them grow. Other companies are in infancy stage. That means they are set to go but need the right person to take charge. If you know anyone that may be a good fit, be kind and forward this on to them.

Here they are:

Event promotion

Every week Norm would search the web for things to do in his city. Everywhere he looked information was cluttered and incomplete. He wondered how nice it would be to receive an email every week with a clear and complete list of events going on. So he decided to build it. He’s now included perks like free ticket and unique experience giveaways to subscribers of his list. Join today and receive an email every Wednesday at 3pm for a chance to win.

Event planning

Jean-Luc and Chelsea Boissonneault have put on countless events in all sorts of domains. From small scale luxury events for high profile clients to large scale consumer events like Dessertfest and Fitday that welcomed 20 000 people in 2 days. If you want to be in the event business, join our team.

Brand management agency

With the rise of personal brands we feel that we can leverage our channels to help the right brands grow.

Marketing firm

As MIYAGI continues to expand its network of businesses the need for a strong marketing team is crucial. It can not only start by servicing the current MIYAGI companies but we will give you the guidance and connections to reach other companies. Jean Luc has a strong strategic background in marketing and wants a side kick to run with the technical aspects of things.

Flyer distribution

Flyers are still an effective tool for marketing small business. But trying to get someone to reliably deliver your flyers is either expensive or impossible. We want to change that.

Private school

The current school system is outdated. It was created to teach someone how to be an obedient factory worker. Times have changed. With the rise of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics will come a huge shift in the way we work. Jobs that are routine and and based on memory will not be needed – robots are better at that. The only jobs we won’t lose to machines are jobs that are rooted in emotion. Jobs that require sympathy, empathy, respect, warmth, tenderness, and love. That’s why we need a completely different type of school. A school based on creativity.

Meditation retreat

People are stressed out and meditation and mindfulness is life changing. People are realizing that they need to do something to get away from all the distractions but they’re not sure where to start. We want to help with this.