How it works

We help you jump into business by making it as easy, fair and resourceful as possible.


Step 1: You enrol
Step 2: You will receive a response within 7 days.
Step 3: You will either be told it’s not a fit or be added to our pool of potential candidates.


Step 4: You will be invited to a presentation to learn about the turn-key business opportunity.
Step 5: If it’s a fit, we will send you a work history form to fill out.

Getting to know you

Step 6: We will set up a phone call.
Step 7: We will have an in person meeting.

Acceptance into MIYAGI

Step 8: If accepted into MIYAGI you will sign an agreement to follow our partnership rules. At this point we ask for $1000 to show your commitment in moving forward.
Step 9: You will receive a full day of training and given tools on the MIYAGI way of doing business.
Step 10: You will meet your mentor and set goals.
Step 11: You will set up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly communication.
Step 12: You will be introduced to the MIYAGI team.
Step 13: And every day we push the ball forward, and every week we collaborate as a team trying to do the impossible.