When founding MIYAGI it was important for us to come up with a way to help people succeed in a way that wouldn’t cost you much upfront.
There’s already money that needs to be put in the business at first and adding another amount doesn’t make sense.
Buying a franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Hiring a business coach is expensive. Our founder Jean-Luc as a business coach charges clients $500 an hour.

The best model we could think of was to create a partnership where we share in the ownership of the business.
That way we are aligned and win or lose – we are in it together.

Here is what you get when you join MIYAGI:


Our team has experience with service businesses, events, retail, B2B and B2C.

We are well versed:

Jean-Luc: Leadership, strategy, marketing (Regular $500/h)
Alan: Operations and management (average management consulting fees $200/h)
Paul: Finance (average CFO consulting fees $200/h)
JP: Legal (charges regular clients $400/h)


It’s easy to lose motivation and to start thinking small when faced with obstacles.
We use scheduled mandatory calls to help guide you to your goals.

Weekdays daily 30min (130h a year)
Weekly 1h (52h a year)
Monthly 1h (12h a year)
Quarterly 2h (8h a year)
Yearly 8h (8h)

Note that we invest 210 hours a year into coaching an entrepreneur.
If we round out the team value to the lowest hourly rate of $200/h that’s $42 000 a year in coaching.

Systems and tools:

In order to be a professional, you must act like one. To operate as a professional company, it’s important that you leverage technology.
When starting with MIYAGI we set you up and train you on using the right tools to help you succeed.

Strategic plan and operations manual (Value $10 000)
Software 1 costs: (Value $300 a year)
Software 2 costs: (Value $150 a year)
Software 3 costs: (Value $100 a year)
Software 4 costs: (Value $200 a year)

Because we believe these tools are crucial in building a strong foundation we take on $10 750/year per company towards them.

So the total approximate value per year that we choose to invest in each entrepreneur is = $52 750/year

Having said that we ask that each entrepreneur selected pay $1000 upfront to start the process. (this fee is simply for us to see that they you are serious). If for any reason you do not pass our due diligence process, we will refund you your money.

MIYAGI’s partnership is simple in that we own:

25% of the business up to a million dollars in revenue.
20% of the business from one million to 5 million dollars in revenue.
15% of the business after 5 million dollars in revenue.

If this is something you would like to join, enroll.